Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Show Whites

Every dairy kid, cow or goat, knows the struggle of showing in white jeans. They have their
downfalls for sure but you can also take away some positives from those long time tradition pants.


1. White doesn't hide dirt.
White is pretty and all but that walk from the show barn to the show ring always includes a few mysterious stains popping up. Show morning is always hectic so trying to get your heifer ready AND keep clean is always a hard task. (Tip: Invest in some windbreaker pants or bibs to wear over your whites until show time!)

2. Walmart doesn't carry white boot cut jeans.
Finding white jeans is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. until you can't find your size. It always happens. So we resort to eBay, Poshmark, painter's pants, and the occasional hand-me-downs. (Tip: Host a jean swap at your local county fair or even state fair to give your old jeans to younger showmen and maybe find some for yourself!)

3. Forgetting white underwear.
Admit it, it's happened to every single one of us at least once. When packing for a show the color of underwear you pack is the last thing on your mind. So you just pray no one notices your hot pink undies. (Tip: ... write it on your forehead? Face it, they'll always be forgotten.)

4. The famous "Louisville green stains".
You know you've shown in Louisville when the bottom of your whites are stained a bright green color. But on the plus side, if you don't come home with hardware at least you come home with a stain to show you were there.. right? (Tip: Sorry... there's no getting out of this either!)


1. Matching looks professional.
Whether it's black, blue, pink, green, or white, when everyone matches it just looks better. Also when everyone wears the same color it puts more emphasis on the animals and that's what really matters.

2. Any color matches white.
This mostly pertains to girls but it works for guys too. In today's open show most people wear white pants but the color of their shirt is usually whatever they're feeling. Lucky for us, white goes with anything, even your farm colors! So you never have to worry about matching your shirt to your pants on show day.

3. We stand aside from other livestock species.
If you show beef, hogs, sheep or goats, what you wear in the show ring is pretty much up to you so all those showmen blend together. But when you see someone wearing all white you better look out because it's for sure a dairy kid. Some find it ridiculous and are jealous but try taking pride in being different.

Every time you put on those whites at a county fair, state fair or national show, you may not realize it but you're putting on a long time tradition. White has been in the show ring as long as anyone can remember. You've worked way too hard for way too long just to put on some blue jeans and show off your year round dedication. So be proud of those white pants, even though we're all still going to complain about them, because there's no better feeling that putting on those white jeans on show day!

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