Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10 Things You Probably Do When NOT at World Dairy Expo

When you're a dairy enthusiast, October only means one thing. Not football, not Halloween, not cute flannels and riding boots... but World Dairy Expo. Many refer to it as "the greatest time of the year". Since I am one of those people who haven't yet got the experience of World Dairy Expo, there are a few things I catch myself doing quiet often and maybe those of you who are stuck at home on your computer like me can relate.

  1. Anxiously check any of World Dairy Expo's social media to figure out what color the shavings are this year. Blue? Purple? Red? You never know!
  2. Count how many "Madison bound!" captioned pictures of cattle trailers you can count in one scroll through Facebook. Probably only like ten or twelve.
  3. Get your priorities straight and put World Dairy Expo Show Results, Show Schedule and Live Stream in your favorites. The greatest time of the year just one click away.
  4. Go through albums on Facebook titled something like, "Around the Barns at WDE". Because these pictures make you feel like you're somewhat there if you look at them long enough.. right?
  5. Figure out who is showing what. That way you never miss a thing, thanks to live streaming!
  6. Constantly looking at your phone. Your notifications probably look a little something like this: 3 text messages from 727-4-WDEXPO, 2 YouTube notifications about a live stream and about 10 snapchats from your friends that are in Madison making you jealous, one snap at a time.
  7. You make www.worlddairyexpo.com your top visited webpage. Whether it's to view the live stream or check results, the majority of your free time during the day is spent here.
  8. Repetitively check social media. You know there's nothing new but in fear of missing something you just have to check it every two minutes. Just to make sure you don't miss out on your friend winning blue.
  9. Refresh the results page when your live stream buffers. "Are you kidding me?!" This is the closest thing to being there and with out it you're just out of the loop.
  10. Make plans to attend the World Dairy Expo next year. Admit it, you've probably already said it... "I will definitely be there next year."