About Me

a person with a passion for the agriculture industry and sharing its story among others to educate them on what we (farmers) do and why we do it.

I'm Brilee and I am an agvocate. I live in southern Kentucky where my family farms 150 angus cows with 88,000 chickens. Not only do I enjoy working with our beef herd; I also had the opportunity to show dairy cows for a few years and found a passion for something I loved - showing and working with dairy cattle. I have also been judging dairy cattle since 2012.

For only being 15, I have some pretty high expectations of myself. My dream job is a dairy nutritionist, just like every other kid, right? I'm truly the happiest when I'm working with cattle so what better way to spend the majority of my life than helping people help cows?

The main goal of my blog is to share with you what I'm learning and hopefully learn from others. When it comes to agriculture, you can never know enough.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care’ - Theodore Roosevelt

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